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Bog Bashing

Inishowen in north Donegal was hit by a shed load of rain this week. It washed out 2 of the 3 main road accesses to Carndonagh plus damaged a number of other roads. As I was travelling up from London, I didn't really fancy a long detour around the peninsular to get home, so I planned Redcastle to Gleneely over the mountain - small windy/bumpy but easy enough.

Unfortunately I hit the wrong turning 100m short and by the time I reaslised, I was half-way up the hill. A quick check showed a myriad of roads, so I took one hoping to link up. Unfortunately it didn't & I found myself facing a trip back the way I came or...

A gravel track led further up the mountain, leading to the bogs where all the turf is cut. I checked google maps and saw a track leading all the way over the hill, about 3 miles in length so on the basis a tractor could get up there and down the other side with a load of turf, thought I'd have a go too.

The track consists of an amount of gravel thrown over the bog to stop people sinking in, so good in a few places, bumpy, rutted and sometimes washed away in others. However, it was easy enough for the RRS to handle, a couple of big holes to traverse, slippy & muddy in other places and bumpy as heck. Wouldn't have liked to catch a puncture up there and I'd imagine more road orientated tyres might have found it a challenge.

It was fun though & shorter than the route I was originally planning Very Happy

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