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Member Since: 29 May 2011
Location: Margate
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United Kingdom 2005 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Java Black
Heater Issue !

Hi All,

It's been a while since i last posted here, my RRS S/c has been behaving herself beautifully and has been a real pleasure to drive, however, i have recently had a spell of bad luck with it and am now hoping that one of you guys has the answer.

Two months ago i had to get the car recovered due to a water pipe bursting and emptying coolant all over the place, it was a split pipe located on the front of the engine block below the level of the fan, so really tricky to try and fix on the road due to practically no access.
Car was recovered to a local garage who promptly looked at it and diagnosed that it would require the full pipe works replacing, which would mean taking off the supercharger in the process. All work was completed and car came out seemingly OK.
A couple of days later went to the local Tesco filling station and filled up 80ltrs of fuel, immediately i turned the car on the engine light came on and stayed on, i then noticed that the idle speed was eratic and the car was hunting, which in turn caused a drive shunt when moving at slow speed in traffic, so back to the garage it was for a diagnosis. After looking at the car it was found that a breather pipe had come loose on the supercharger, this was put back on and the car seemed to go back to running OK, but a day later its running lumpy again and now i also have the issue where i have warm air blowing out of one drivers vent yet there is cold air coming out of the air vent next to it ????

The garage are now completely at a loss with what to do next, they "think" the cold air issue is a control valve that requires replacing but this is located behind the dash which means a complete pull out, something i do not want if it can be avoided.

Any ideas on the above anyone ?? has anyone else experienced any of these issues, if so how did you resolve.

I would grately welcome any advice/help at this stage, unfortunately my local independant RR specialist has closed down leaving only a main dealer to be able to use with the obvious megalithic invoice that would inevitably follow....... Talk about the perfect storm !!

J. 2005 Rang Rover Supercharged
Loving every minute !

Post #543429 Fri Dec 15 2017 12:45pm
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Member Since: 11 Apr 2016
Location: East Sussex
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United Kingdom 2008 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Zermatt Silver

Margate to Heathfield, East Sussex is a fair old trek but I can recommend my local Indie (they only do Land Rovers) if you consider the journey might be worthwhile. And they can supply a courtesy Car if needed. Might be worth giving the a phone anyway. Search LAnd Rover Heathfield and you should find them in Newick Lane. Robin
2008 Range Rover Sport TDV8
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Post #543467 Fri Dec 15 2017 7:59pm
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