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Made a new floor mat!

Hey guys,
Years ago I worked for a company in London that had vehicles to drive clients home, one was a Bentley and I had occasion to take a ride in it. The thing I remember most about this was the deep, rich feeling floor mats-they were sheepskin!

So Costco had sheepskin rugs on sale and I bought one to try out the sheepskin floor mat for myself. The rug spent first couple years in the house but I finally got around to tracing around a carpet mat (remember to put both mats upside down if you're following along at home! Laughing ) and here's the result.

Please let me know what you think.

I've only made one for the passenger side (was a little left over I popped in the back on one side) and I do have winter mats and a full set of carpets too. The sheepskin is just for a little luxury underfoot for the lady in the passenger seat.

Now to find me a lady!!! 2007 Stornaway Grey RRS HSE 4.4 V8

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