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Car vac'

If you're anything like me you'll have been using the 'Significant Others' vac' for your motor since it became 'SO LAST YEARS MODEL'!
Trouble is it's kept in the garage or shed, the filters have never been changed, it's used to vac' up all manner of nastiness like spiders and damp sawdust! When it comes to using it on your pride and joy you can't help but think "I'll buy myself a new one so the motor doesn't forever smell like I've transported 3 goats to the rendering plant!"
So, I've done just that, I bought myself a dedicated vac' just for the cars, I'm keeping the old smelly upright for the sawdust/spider incidents though!
Now this is not an advertisement by any means but this one I've bought is an absolute belter!
It's compact and light, it comes with lots of accessories and I am VERY surprised at the amount of suction it creates.
I keep a clean car but was amazed at how much more unseen this picked up.
If you're looking for a car vac' then I would give this a HUGE thumbs up. Thumbs Up

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