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27/3.0 Timing Belt Replacements

Lots of D4/RRS's coming up for their 7yr service/timing belt replacement, and various early 2.7's coming in for their 2nd belt change. To try and save a lot of phone calls, and PM/messages (some which are being missed to due no notifications):

All 2.7 timing belts are £360 fitted
D3 belts and oil pump are £600 fitted
Full "A" service additional £125 or Full "B" service additional £200

All 3.0 timing belts are £700 fitted
"A" service additional £150, "B" service additional £225

Timing belt replacement includes front and rear timing belts and tensioners, both front idler pulleys and Aux drive belt, all OEM parts
All oil pumps are OEM FoMoCo, with genuine LR crank seal and crank pulley bolt

Thumbs Up MMP Land Rover - Land Rover + Range Rover Specialist

Unit 9, 42 Baird Avenue

Alive Tuning Authorised Dealer - Performance Tuning + EGR Deletes

Servicing + Repairs / Fault Diagnostics / EU3+EU4 EGR Blanking / Brakes Serviced/Replaced / Timing Belt + Oil Pump Replacement

Software Updates+Upgrades:
4x4 Info Enable / Sat Nav OTM / 3 Flash indicators / RRS Timed Climate Retrofit

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