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This is not easy. I have been a FFRR guy for over 20 years and have enjoyed them immensely....
I would actually say that they are 2 different beasts. My 5ltr AB was an absolute monster, but handle like a baby when I got used to her. She was forgiving and at the same time, there would be slight correction. Roll was minimal and straight-line speed was electric. Ptrtol consumption was ok too, even in sport mode.
I think you could sum up the 5ltre AB as a Thoroughbred Laughing
The SVR on the other hand, could be described as a Wild Stallion.. I haven't pushed her to hard yet, but feel that if you took your mind of the reins for a second you could end up in a mess Rolling with laughter
It is also too smart and makes corrections, so I suppose you could become complacent. It is a head turner as there are no other ones that I know of round here.

There is however, one thing they both have in common......

They can produce the widest grin on your face at all times and I doubt I will ever get fed up of the Roar Laughing Laughing Laughing

She is also a very good looking car and extremely comfortable, much more than I had expected.

So all in all, I think I would prefer the SVR even though it will probably be my last car....

Hope all that helps? If not send me a PM and I will try my best to answer any of your questions
Nod RRS SVR 2018
RRS SVR 2017 (Rejected within 1 month due to damage)
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Post #528476 Mon Jun 19 2017 5:17pm
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Hi Nod,
Many thanks for your thoughts and sorry i wanted to pin you down to which one is the best. From what you say is the reason its hard to choose one over the other but today the SVR is just edging ahead Laughing
Hope you are enjoying it ,sounds like you are!
Thanks Paul. SVR 2018 in Santorini Black.

Post #528501 Mon Jun 19 2017 7:49pm
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