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Range Rover Sport Crankshaft failure.

Hi, I own a RRS 2010, and have a mileage of just over 100k. About 3 weeks ago. While I was driving my car to work, my car engine died at the highway and lucky I was able to stop at the road side of the road shoulder of the highway but not in a very safe condition with the highway passing by car and heavy vechicles.There were no warning at my car what so ever, it just died and had to be towed to the RR car dealer workshop. 1 week after the inspection they told me my car engine cannot be turn i.e. Crank. They have to disconnect the gearbox n still the engine cannot be turn. They told me my they to open the engine and when they did, they found out that the my crankshaft was parted. I said I never saw a crankshaft broke into 2 pieces. As normally the crankshaft are build from solid steel n harden. To my surprised they also checks my other moving parts i.e. The connecting rod, piston, valves are all in good condition. Even the connecting road bearing to the crankshaft is a just a normal wear and tear.
I always service and send my car at the car dealer workshop when my car got problems. And after checking this forum I found that this crankshaft defects on the RRS also did happened and its not a new things. It had happened before. And lucky that owner engine was replaced without cost. I bought this car base on its safety and integrity and its reputation and dnt get me wrong I love my RRS. I guess I was lucky when my car still rolls to the side of the road and not involve in an accident.
Any advise how I can deals with this. The dealer is not helping me address this matter with RR manufacturers. They said I have to write in to the manufacturer and they will send me their report.

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Post in here and ask for assistance/support
I would also show the dealer all the evidence of other failures and make them help you. Do t be fobbed off! Visitor from fullfatrr.com
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Post #521990 Mon Mar 27 2017 6:08am
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As per above, you can also try the following email address: lradvice@jaguarlandrover.com this is the JLR Customer Service email address. I was unaware there was a LR dealer in BSB, there certainly wasn't when I lived there, but that was a number of years ago (1989 - 1993).

Good luck with your quest.

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