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United Kingdom 2012 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Orkney Grey
Insurance - Immobiliser & Tracker question


I have a 2012 Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE. I'm looking to renew my insurance and one of the questions from Confused.com is - Does the car have an alarm or immobiliser: Manufacturer fitted or Thatcham device? Last time I answered Manufacturer fitted but having looked into this I think that it has a Thatcham device that maybe was fitted by the manufacturer. Knowing how picky some of these insurance companies can be what would be my best answer?

Also some companies will only quote if I have a tracker fitted is this worthwhile?



Post #503588 Wed Aug 24 2016 9:22am
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Wales 2012 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Lux Sumatra Black

Yes well worth it with the RRS one of the most stolen vehicles. Also gets you a reduction on insurance premium with some companies, others won't insure without one (Direct Line). You can, check all the routes you have taken online, and locate your car at anytime. Don't get LR Dealerships to fit, as they are nearly three times the cost of same package elsewhere.

Range Rover Tracker or Land Rover Tracker units are the only approved units for our cars.
The annual Tracking fee is about 169.00 PA. or cheaper if you pay three years in advance.
They recover and return most vehicles very quickly.
The Thatcham level on our cars as standard is only No: 2 The Tracker units are Thatcham 5 or 6. John

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Post #503600 Wed Aug 24 2016 12:57pm
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I had the LR tracker (Trackstar?) fitted by the dealer when I bought the RRS 5 years ago. Paid for a lifetime subscription. Insurance companies seem to exclude theft of the vehicle if tracker not fitted.

I can confirm that the tracker works as they phoned me up to tell me it was moving without the key when I had to be flat bedded home with dead turbos. 2012 SDV6 - it's missing a couple of cylinders
2008 TDV8 - it was a labour of love and is much missed

Post #503856 Sun Aug 28 2016 11:27am
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I've just been on Thatchams site & their is so many to choose from 250 right upto 649,the one at 649 looks good but they only do 1 year or 3 year subscriptions,the 3 year is 450.

Andy Andy.

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Post #503864 Sun Aug 28 2016 1:18pm
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