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Highly recommend 4x4 course in Victoria

Hi Fellow Antipodeans,

I had a great day on a 4x4 course last Sunday which I thought I'd share and recommend to anyone interested and looking for some training.

Run by Adrian du Jardin of 4WD Off Road Driver Training down near Wensleydale in Victoria (at the Australian Automotive Research Centre owned by Lindsey Fox), the day started with a bit of theory on the mechanics of 4x4 (high/low range, transfer boxes etc.) which was informative for us non-mechanically minded participants.

Then it was off to play!

As we were at a vehicle testing centre, the initial area visited was used to demonstrate how to traverse gradients both up and down on nice wide inclines - which really allowed me to put faith in the Hill Decent system!

Next up was some rock traversing followed by water crossings... again all in man made settings.

Following a brief lunch, the remainder of the day was spent pottering around the off road tracks criss crossing the 1,000 hectare estate, with instruction/guidance from Adrian safe in the knowledge that we were the only ones there (e.g. no unexpected oncoming traffic!).

At the start of the day (there were 5 other 4x4s taking part in the day) I was a little concerned that without the optional transfer case (which my car lacks) I was potentially going to be made to look a bit of a fool in a Toorak tractor... I needn't have worried however as the day proved the motor is extremely capable.

Finding myself as the lead car for most of the day, with the suspension jacked up everything was a breeze and we found ourselves waiting for the convoy to catch up constantly.

Probably the most notable moment of the day however was driving down a 60% gradient (manmade concrete used for testing rural fire brigade trucks loaded with 500 litres of water - they have to make it up) and putting my life in the hands of the Hill Decent system. I had full faith and hence didn't manually break when going over the top which meant we had on a bit of speed.... all to the shouts of 'brake, brake brake!' from a panicking instructor. All ended well however - that Hill Decent system really is great!

Excellent fun which delivered what I wanted - a better understanding of the capability of my car and confidence in it for when I take it on some of the many tracks around Victoria in the future.

Highly recommended.

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As in high range only I assume. Question at least you are getting some dirt on it Thumbs Up unlike many on here with
the full low/high/e-diff etc etc.. who only want to keep it to tarmac Another Pommie Bar Steward down under

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