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United Kingdom 2010 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 Autobiography Santorini Black
2010 - HK Logic 7 retro fit from standard HK - advice

Hi all,

Now nearly into 2 months ownership of A 2010 3.0 tdv6 after previously having a 2007 tdv8 which had the HK Logic 7 as standard which was by far the best Audi system of any car I’ve own. I struggled to find a tdv6 with all the spec I wanted including the HK logic 7 so I’m stuck with the mid range HK which is good but...after the Logic 7 I’m starting to be a little disappointed with it.

Question is, has anyone successful retrofited the complete Logic 7 system in. Or can I get away with swapping the standard HK amp for a Logic 7. I know I won’t have the speakers in the roof for the surround sound but surely a amp swap will give it the boost needed. If so any details or part numbers will be appreciated.


Post #547566 Sat Feb 03 2018 9:08pm
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England 2013 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Orkney Grey

I have the 17 speaker 825W HK and if im honest i wouldnt bother. Contact a decent audio company and spend the money on better speakers and dynomat to stop all the rattles! The boot sub is shockingly bad and i have no idea what Land Rover we’re thinking when they installed it! The door speakers arnt much better either. 2003 BMW M5 - 5 Litres of V8 Optimax Slurping Goodness in Carbon Black

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Post #547577 Sat Feb 03 2018 11:44pm
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Australia 2010 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Santorini Black

I would echo Buckster. The sound from the 825W HK Logic 7 system is very average. Also you would probably have to change your door trims and the roof lining to get the extra speakers in. Not worth the agro.
I would modify the centre consol and put in a SONY RSX-GS9 media player (probably the best available anywhere in the world right now) with a decent amplifier and speakers.

Post #550398 Sun Mar 04 2018 9:27am
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Belgium 2010 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 HSE Ipanema Sand

Only just saw this message, but it might still be useful to others as I have upgraded from the standard Harman Kardon (8 speakers + sub ) to the Logic7 (13 speakers and subwoofer) about a year ago. Personally I did find it worth the upgrade - there is substantially more bass - but I also had great fun installing it. From MY12 onwards they changed the system to the 825 watt system with 17 speakers and that won't work I think.

Just swapping the amp won't do the job - in fact all speakers are different. I bought my speakers on eBay and was lucky that with the ceiling speakers the whole mechanics and grills were supplied (in the correct ceiling colour). I also bought a new Logic 7 amp from eBay that came out of a 2010 full fat Range Rover.

It's not an extremely difficult thing to do, but you'll have to cut your existing headliner, cut a part of your doorcards, add a few bits of wiring and take apart the connector at the amp side.

I had also bought an amp from a 2010 Full Fat Range rover (one of the cheaper and younger amps that were on eBay) and even though the part number was the same, the software wasn't. But luckily with the IID tool and their Fast Last service I was able to reprogram it with the correct software.

But it's something that took me a good few weeks of preparing; analysing the electrical systems, connectors and workshop manual and the actual work took me a good weekend - without any rushing Wink

Here you can see the standard HK front door speaker and the Logic7 version - as you can see the magnet is quite a bit bigger (and heavier)

Exciting moment when you first start cutting away at the headliner - but since I had the full brackets with my speakers I was able to bit by bit cut away just enough so you won't end up with any gaps. The mounting holes for the brackets are present from factory.

The headliner from the back, you can vaguely see the ceiling speakers imprint.

You'll have to remove all the doorcards and since there is an extra mid speaker in the front door and no way to get the speaker in, you'll have to slightly cut away some of the plastic to turn it in. You will also have to run extra wiring to both your front doors for this mid speaker.

The connector for the centre speaker is already in you dashboard under the small grill in the middle.

Old amp and new amp (black)

And finally reflasing the amp, because the mapping of the ports is different on a full fat Range Rover

Post #551393 Wed Mar 14 2018 8:07pm
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great write up as been thinking or similar - will be in touch. thanks

Post #551468 Thu Mar 15 2018 2:42pm
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