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Event Sign Up System

A few months ago a new feature was added to the Events forum, which allows you to sign up to participate in events, as well as create a sign up form for your own events.

Finally, here's the instructions and information about how to use it Smile

Signing up for Events

When you visit the topic for an event with a sign up form, you will see something like this at the top of the page:

Click image to enlarge

To sign up for the event, do the following:

  1. Click the button corresponding to the option that you'd like to sign up for

  2. Click the 'here' link to return to the topic or wait a few seconds to be taken there automatically

  3. Your selected option will then show up in the event list...

  4. ... and as a colour-coded blob and number in the event summary information in the forum list

  5. To change your sign up option/category, simply click a different button and repeat steps 1 to 3.

  6. The event organiser or organisers may require you to 'confirm' your sign up at some stage - simply click the button for your option again, which will now say 'Confirm' on it:

  7. Then click the 'here' link or wait a few seconds to return to the topic

  8. Your confirmed option will then show up in the event list:

  9. To remove yourself from the sign up list completely, click the 'Cancel sign up button'..

  10. ... and then the 'here' link or wait a few seconds to return to the topic

Creating a sign up form

Create a new topic in the Events forum as normal and then follow these steps to add a sign up form to your event:

  1. Fill in the subject with the event name, date etc:

  2. Enter full event information into the message body, including location, dates, prices etc etc etc Smile

  3. At the bottom of the form is the 'Add a Sign Up' form:

    Click image to enlarge

  4. Tick the 'Activate' option:

  5. Enter the title of the first option in the first text box:

  6. Enter the number of spaces available for this option in the box under the Green 'Spaces' title:

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for other options if required:

  8. If you want signup to close after a certain period of time, enter the number of days, otherwise leave set to 0 or blank:

  9. Finally, click Submit to enter your complete event into the database Cool

  10. Your event will then appear in the events forum with a summary of the number of signups for each option:

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