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Donna X

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Portugal prices

I was out in Portugal a few month ago and happened to wander into a Land Rover dealers. There was a supercharger on sale, brand new, with taxes for 125,000 euros!!! I was stunned. Someone told me that in Portugal they have an import tax that cripples the car industry there. It is illigal in europe but they make more money if they pay the euopean fine every year. Europe are happy taking the money so.........are they all in it together?? Range Rover Sport is for posing!

Post #370614 Wed Jan 23 2013 9:03am
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Absolutely true, I've just returned from living there for 10yrs.

They also do the same if you try and import a car, I had a RRS on UK plates and they quoted me 18,500 to matriculate it.

And they wonder why the country is in a mess!!! MY12 RRS SDV6 HSE
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Post #370791 Thu Jan 24 2013 10:23am
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It's sad but true Sad

It's not a question of import tax because, well, we don't have any portuguese car maker, it's just a ridiculously high tax that new cars have to pay.

For example, an L322 Range TDV8 HSE costs... 151.000!!

Cars with more than 2000cc are hugely taxed. However, cars with smaller engines cost about the same as they cost in the UK.

Unfortunately, we can't afford nothing better than a Mondeo or a Laguna or a Passat. Yes, because they cost more than 30.000 and we aren't that well paid, to be honest Sad

The only way to get a better car is to buy them used and they are also expensive. Here, a car with 5 or 6 years costs about the same as it costs new in the UK! It's ridiculous! Evil or Very Mad

Post #371107 Sun Jan 27 2013 5:37pm
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