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our 2010/60 did the same while under "L/R Approved Warranty" and CCP refused it as a warranty claim as known issue Twisted Evil the dealer contacted CRC and they authorised the repair (sender wires)
so may be worth mentioning get L/R to pay

it has been mentioned that car could go into limp mode if it "thinks" its going to run out of fuel so sooner rather than later may be best

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Post #542637 Mon Dec 04 2017 6:04pm
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United Kingdom 2011 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 HSE Santorini Black



04 JUL 2014


© Jaguar Land Rover Limited

All rights reserved.

This reissue replaces all previous versions. Please destroy all previous versions.

This bulletin supersedes TSB LTB00566v5/2014 dated 03 APR 2014, which should either be destroyed or clearly marked to show it is no longer valid (e.g. with a line across the page). Only refer to the electronic version of this Technical Bulletin in TOPIx.

SECTION: 310-00

Fuel Gauge Operation Not Accurate


Freelander 2/LR2 (LF)
Model Year:
Discovery 4 / LR4 (LA)
Model Year:
Range Rover (LM)
Model Year:
Range Rover Sport (LS)
Modl Year:




A customer complaint of the fuel gauge not working or the gauge is not accurate.

Please advise the customer, if possible, to bring the vehicle in with the fuel tank level below 1/4 full.

This Version has been issued for a change to the Service Instruction.

Cause: Fretting corrosion across the fuel level sender harness pins inside the fuel tank. Suggested Customer Concern Code - L69.

Action: After completing primary diagnostics and where the cause is not identified, follow the Service Instruction below. Any issues found during the primary diagnostics must be carried out as a separate warranty claim. 

Post #542642 Mon Dec 04 2017 6:18pm
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Can still email a pdf copy of complete bulletin if wanted, not sure what I'm doing but have managed to upload PDF file to my gallery as well. Need to work out how to add to post sometime. Might help anyone else who has similar problems.


Post #542657 Mon Dec 04 2017 7:54pm
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United Kingdom 2010 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 HSE Buckingham Blue

My 2010 RRS developed this fault. Fuel gauge suddenly reads empty, then works for a while and then reads empty again. I've just had it repaired as per the tech bulletin above - i.e. a fault with the connectors.

However, a word of warning ..... My RRS developed this problem a couple fo weeks ago and I thought it was no big deal. Just book it in for a repair when convenient and in the meantime make sure it doesn't run out of fuel. But... the vehicle ground to a halt a couple of days ago. Shuddering and regularly stalling. Had it recovered to the garage where they said that because the vehicle thought it was out of fuel the engine management system started shutting it down to protect itself. I'm still a little surprised this was the case, but it seems to be so. Beware!

Post #558301 Wed Jun 06 2018 1:55pm
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