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RRS 2.7 TDV6 Driving Impressions

The 2.7TDV6, Just gets better and better, returning around 24.1 mpg the engine seems to be pulling better the more miles I put on it. I do think that first gear to second gear comes up rather quickly under harsh acceleration but the more I drive the less it seems to catch me out.
I had the chance to drive one of my favourite local roads with nothing to hold me up in front and with an excellent view ahead to see wether any suprises from cars and tractors pulling out of junctions and fields could slow me up.
My does this car go well for such a large weight when you have got it on song and really let the diesel torque pull you round the corners I do think it would out pace my old X5 BMW, I also tied to pull the sport up from speed to see how the standard brakes perform and can say that there is no problem at all.
Cant wait to get the sport into off road mode and see how it performs although this will happen very rarely it will happen and is part of the reason I bought the car.
After spending the last ten years or so driving various diesel engined cars and 4X4 vehicles, I am impressed. Its out there somewhere. Second V10 Treg on the drive at the moment.

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