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Steveraspberry wrote:
Not sure if this is just an urban myth but the same issue was posted on the Disco forum a while back. Apparently, it is possible to phone SWMBO and stand close the car whilst getting her to press the unlock button on the spare fob over the phone. This allegedly has worked in the past but has got to be worth a try as a last resort before popping a window?

Cant possibly see how that could work, like I said in my previous post, I had the spare Key and that wouldnt open the doors, only by useing the key on the passenger side could I gain entry 07,TDV8,Black, Black Heated leather all round, Rear Entertainment with Headpones & Remote, TV, DVD, Pure Dab Digital Radio, Sidesteps, Adaptive Headlights, sunroof, now working fuel burning heater Smile)))

Post #467861 Fri Jul 17 2015 4:54pm
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When I get a chance, I'll go outside and give it a go. I think the idea is that you can transmit sound waves i.e. your voice, over the phone so why not radio waves? I am sure there is some sound scientific evidence that will either confirm or debum=nk the theory. I do not profess to understand said science but I'm always up for learning something! Smile I'll ket you know how I get on


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Post #467910 Sat Jul 18 2015 10:42am
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