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 Regrets anyone?

PostTue Mar 20 2018 5:15pm
Forum: General · Replies: 26 · Views: 958 · Subject: Regrets anyone?
Coming up for 6 years ownership in May with 60000 miles and I still absolutely love it - over 150k now. My one is used & abused but takes it in its stride, whether its towing for a 500 mile journe ...
 Sunday Snow

PostMon Mar 19 2018 10:21pm
Forum: General · Replies: 1 · Views: 164 · Subject: Sunday Snow
I had to catch a ferry in Stranraer on Sunday afternoon and I was at home in Carmarthenshire. Woke up Sunday morning to a light covering of snow, so fine, we'll crack on in the XC70 as scheduled. That ...

PostMon Mar 19 2018 6:54pm
Forum: General · Replies: 21 · Views: 718 · Subject: webuyanycar?
You're better off playing the Autotrader game of entering your car spec/year and seeing what prices dealers & private are offering. Otherwise Parkers online gives you an indication of Trade/Privat ...
 Roof rack advice please

PostFri Mar 16 2018 5:10pm
Forum: General · Replies: 6 · Views: 223 · Subject: Roof rack advice please

I'd put a wanted post out as I'm sure they come up quite regularly & you never know what someone's got hiding in their garage
 Roof rack advice please

PostFri Mar 16 2018 4:39pm
Forum: General · Replies: 6 · Views: 223 · Subject: Roof rack advice please
As you can see I have roof-rails. I personally don't mind the asthetics and I prefer these to the other type as I'm sure they see very sturdy. To me they look purposeful and don't detract from the loo ...
 [Wanted] [Wanted]

PostFri Mar 16 2018 2:43pm
Forum: For Sale & Wanted · Replies: 5 · Views: 251 · Subject: [Wanted] [Wanted]
Hi Gazmag

What's up with yours?

I have the HU but without the controller bit as I replaced my OE HU with an aftermarket one using this kit https://incartec.co.uk/Pages/Product.aspx?P=4873 You ta ...
 Add TV Module To RSE <2010

PostFri Mar 16 2018 12:10pm
Forum: In Car Electronics · Replies: 0 · Views: 90 · Subject: Add TV Module To RSE <2010
I've tried searching but I can't find anything that helps me really.

Can you (easily) fit a TV Module to 2008 HSE that has Rear Screen Entertainment?

If so, what do you have to do and need?

 Not Mine But Hers

PostFri Mar 16 2018 1:38am
Forum: My Range Rover Sport · Replies: 3 · Views: 239 · Subject: Not Mine But Hers
Put a deposit down today on a very tidy MY08 4.2 S/C Overfinch HSE Smile

This is for MOH, so needed to be spot on. FSH with receipts for everything spent on the car, 55k miles, new tyres all round, re ...

PostWed Mar 14 2018 6:15pm
Forum: General · Replies: 13 · Views: 571 · Subject: MPG
That's the only thing that is scaring MOH about getting one but her current RAV4 will only be doing about 20 mpg the journeys she does anyway...
 2008 4.2 HSE Supercharged

PostWed Mar 14 2018 1:36pm
Forum: General · Replies: 5 · Views: 291 · Subject: 2008 4.2 HSE Supercharged
Yes, indeed. Going to test drive it tomorrow, so hopefully as sound & reliable as kismet110's

PostTue Mar 13 2018 11:52am
Forum: General · Replies: 6 · Views: 394 · Subject: Oopsie

Made a mess of that
 2008 4.2 HSE Supercharged

PostSun Mar 11 2018 8:19pm
Forum: General · Replies: 5 · Views: 291 · Subject: 2008 4.2 HSE Supercharged
My partner, being a bit jealous of mine and upset that it now resides in Wales, is thinking about one of the above. We've found a tidy looking one of the above, not big miles, full history etc. I know ...
 [SOLD] 19 inch Wheels and Tyres

PostMon Mar 05 2018 4:53pm
Forum: For Sale & Wanted · Replies: 54 · Views: 5739 · Subject: [SOLD] 19 inch Wheels and Tyres
Bow down
 Discovery Sport

PostFri Mar 02 2018 10:42pm
Forum: Off Topic - Other Cars · Replies: 18 · Views: 640 · Subject: Discovery Sport
My wonder is how many variations are they going to get out of one platform. If it was based on the RRS platform might be interested but its not...
 Traction Control Kicks In Cornering

PostMon Feb 26 2018 1:32pm
Forum: General · Replies: 6 · Views: 343 · Subject: Traction Control Kicks In Cornering
Took car to garage this morning & rear tyres were 42psi, so that might have caused the issue. Fronts were spot on. Still going to check the steering angle sensor. Tyres are AT3s

Took the inspec ...
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