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 Wheels or change of LR?

PostTue Jun 19 2018 5:22pm
Forum: Wheels & Tyres · Replies: 6 · Views: 258 · Subject: Wheels or change of LR?
I have them on my Brembo'd TDV6 with AT tyres (255/55/19), which coped very well with snows in Wales over the winter. You should be able to pick up a set of rims at a reasonable price.

Buckster on ...
 What did you do on Fathers Day?

PostMon Jun 18 2018 9:44pm
Forum: General · Replies: 8 · Views: 295 · Subject: What did you do on Fathers Day?
Got a card & a call from my daughter, then finished building the garden fence I'd started the day before, followed by a dump run. Came back and washed her RRS. Came in about 20:30 for food and bee ...
 4x4 specialist in Kent

PostSun Jun 10 2018 10:11pm
Forum: General · Replies: 13 · Views: 353 · Subject: 4x4 specialist in Kent
Geoff. is also very good - indi based in Edenbridge, can do mobile too. Find him on Disco 3 as he rarely comes in here.
 Clicking Noise

PostFri Jun 08 2018 12:27pm
Forum: General · Replies: 8 · Views: 325 · Subject: Clicking Noise
Sure its front o/s?

Rear o/s clicking was EPB for me.
 19” wheels on RRS Supercharged

PostTue Jun 05 2018 1:56pm
Forum: Wheels & Tyres · Replies: 7 · Views: 663 · Subject: 19” wheels on RRS Supercharged
 North Wales RRS friendly

PostFri Jun 01 2018 12:15pm
Forum: Off Roading & Green Laning · Replies: 2 · Views: 279 · Subject: North Wales RRS friendly
Don't know about North Wales but South Wales has an active club called Bonkas 4x4, which regularly have meets, lanes days, pay n plays etc. They have a lanes day based around Llandovery tomorrow morni ...
 Sunny day !

PostSun May 20 2018 7:34pm
Forum: Off Topic - Other Cars · Replies: 2 · Views: 241 · Subject: Sunny day !
Sorry but wtf is that thing? Looks really lush and doing a google on "Dakar" & variations didn't bring me anything at all like that!
 Protective Cover

PostWed May 09 2018 10:38am
Forum: General · Replies: 5 · Views: 394 · Subject: Protective Cover
Council might not be happy about that, seeing as it's theirs Laughing
 Protective Cover

PostTue May 08 2018 6:59pm
Forum: General · Replies: 5 · Views: 394 · Subject: Protective Cover
Unfortunately car port is not an option - this is off-street parking on a London residential street. Car has had a ceramic coating at some point, so somewhat scratch resistant.
 Protective Cover

PostTue May 08 2018 6:49pm
Forum: General · Replies: 5 · Views: 394 · Subject: Protective Cover
We were going to garage her S/C but try as we might, the garage is just too short to get in and close the door. So it'll go outside the house with a cover, where there is a tree nearby, so danger of s ...
 Not Mine But Hers

PostTue May 08 2018 1:17pm
Forum: My Range Rover Sport · Replies: 11 · Views: 1507 · Subject: Not Mine But Hers
Actually took the car out for a drive yesterday!

Also took the opportunity to take some pictures, though a bit dusty it needs a wash Embarassed

http://www.rrsport.co.uk/gallery/albums/userpics/1 ...
 RRSport member on M50

PostTue May 08 2018 11:01am
Forum: Spotted · Replies: 8 · Views: 598 · Subject: RRSport member on M50
Was there on Sunday heading away from Wales with a trailer on the back...
 New brakes

PostFri May 04 2018 5:10pm
Forum: General · Replies: 12 · Views: 622 · Subject: New brakes
I got grooved front discs (4-pot brembo type) & kevlar pads for £190 delivered from https://www.godspeedbrakes.co.uk - great service and kit from a company that specialises in stopping rally & ...
 eBike carrying and charging

PostSat Apr 28 2018 9:40am
Forum: General · Replies: 9 · Views: 511 · Subject: eBike carrying and charging
eBikes are the mutt's nuts Smile

I bought one to tow my dog (in a trailer) to work as it was killing my legs. After that, wow so easy. I still use it with no trailer too but I have to be disciplined a ...
 Not Mine But Hers

PostMon Apr 23 2018 2:58pm
Forum: My Range Rover Sport · Replies: 11 · Views: 1507 · Subject: Not Mine But Hers
Update but no pictures...

We picked it up on Sunday 1st April and proceeded ever so gingerly round the M25 at about 60mph. She was driving but doesn't like motorways and doesn't know the car and ha ...
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