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 Orange headlight edge

PostMon Jan 15 2018 5:59pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 3 · Views: 342 · Subject: Orange headlight edge
The orange lights at the front were for side marker lamps or running lamps as they used to be called in the USA - orange at the front and red at the back. They illuminate when the side lights are swi ...
 How reliable is your RRS?

PostMon Jan 08 2018 2:37am
Forum: General · Replies: 15 · Views: 724 · Subject: How reliable is your RRS?
From my experience Landrover products are not reliable, but that is part of the price you pay for driving "the Landrover Experience".
I have owned 4 Landrovers since 1996 and they have all ...
 Replacement Bonnet Switch

PostSun Jan 07 2018 4:11pm
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 5 · Views: 289 · Subject: Replacement Bonnet Switch
With the cost of a new switch being so cheap it is not worth the agro of trying to make the old one work.
 Replacement Bonnet Switch

PostSun Jan 07 2018 2:27am
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 5 · Views: 289 · Subject: Replacement Bonnet Switch
The switch is the correct part number for all L320 models and Discovery 3/4 models (LR065340). It replaces the original design two piece unit.
http://www.lrparts.net/lr065340-anti-theft-bonnet-latch ...
 Replacement Bonnet Switch

PostSat Jan 06 2018 10:46am
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 5 · Views: 289 · Subject: Replacement Bonnet Switch
For a while now I have been having problems with the alarm going off on my 2010 TDV8, maybe once a week or once a fortnight. Yesterday I had the bonnet open warning come on after I had moved the car ...
 Foggy Headlights

PostWed Jan 03 2018 3:29am
Forum: General · Replies: 19 · Views: 609 · Subject: Foggy Headlights
If moisture is already in the headlamp unit it is not going to go unless you physically remove the moisture.

I never remove the bulb caps unless I am in an airconditioned room with low humidity oth ...
 Foggy Headlights

PostTue Jan 02 2018 3:40pm
Forum: General · Replies: 19 · Views: 609 · Subject: Details of Condensation Buildup
AVS-9 is the membrane size used on the L320 headlamps

http://www.rr ...
 Foggy Headlights

PostTue Jan 02 2018 3:28pm
Forum: General · Replies: 19 · Views: 609 · Subject: Check Your Headlamp Vent
Most newer cars have a sealed headlamp which uses a semi-permiable membrane to allow for expansion and contraction of air in the headlamp cavity. On the L320 headlamps the membrane is a rectangular u ...
 Best CTEK Charger to buy for RRS

PostMon Dec 18 2017 4:27am
Forum: Technical · Replies: 18 · Views: 749 · Subject: Best CTEK Charger to buy for RRS
I have 3 C-Tek MXS-5 units and I find the mode switch becomes unresponsive after a while from new. They work but the mode switch does not seem to change the setting until it has been pressed a few ti ...
 DPF Again

PostSun Dec 17 2017 6:14am
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 26 · Views: 1624 · Subject: DPF Again
More importantly synthetically made engine and exhaust noises. Anybody who buys cars with these should be sent to Madamme Guillotine. Any car with this is a Play Station Car not a real one.

The D ...
 Spare wheel different size

PostSun Dec 17 2017 6:06am
Forum: Technical · Replies: 7 · Views: 334 · Subject: Spare wheel different size
My 2010 TDV8 came with 275/40 R20 tyres from the factory and the spare fitted was a 255/50 R19 tyre.
 Why Do My Rear Brake Pads Wear Faster Than the Front

PostFri Dec 15 2017 3:28am
Forum: General · Replies: 3 · Views: 475 · Subject: Why Do My Rear Brake Pads Wear Faster Than the Front
With the last 2 Landrovers that I have had, 2001 Discovery 2 V8 and a 2010 RRS TDV8 the rear brake pads wore down quicker than the front. Why would this be so given that the rear pads do much less wo ...
 Front Brembo Discs needing replaced

PostTue Dec 12 2017 8:29am
Forum: General · Replies: 16 · Views: 910 · Subject: Front Brembo Discs needing replaced
I do about 3500-4,000km/year and have never had problems with the discs rusting on any of my cars, even on my L320 Sport. I don't bother drying my discs when the cars are washed either.

So now you ...
 Windscreen washer jets

PostTue Dec 12 2017 4:52am
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 1 · Views: 473 · Subject: Windscreen washer jets
The under bonnet sound deadening pad is fairly easy to remove which I did recently to install Dynamat sound proofing. I suggest you use a V notch plastic trim removal device to extract the Christmas ...
 Sunday Time Driving section ....

PostMon Dec 11 2017 3:59pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 4 · Views: 701 · Subject: Sunday Time Driving section ....
The Landrover Discovery Series 1 and 2 was a decent vehicle at least with the V8 engine on board and most people forget the Discovery 2 was available with ACE (made it a seriously good car to drive) w ...
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