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 2007 Hst 4.2 supercharged. Ace or no Ace ?

PostSun Feb 18 2018 2:52pm
Forum: Technical · Replies: 10 · Views: 182 · Subject: 2007 Hst 4.2 supercharged. Ace or no Ace ?
If it’s a gen HST then it should have the ELRD as they where fitted to the HST and G4 cars as standard
 Fitting 275/45/20 tyres

PostSun Feb 18 2018 8:27am
Forum: Wheels & Tyres · Replies: 7 · Views: 203 · Subject: Fitting 275/45/20 tyres
275/45/20 is the way to go no mods required and no speedo issues. I’ve been running that size for years. I changed my spare for a match wheel/tyre as well.
 Welcome to RRSPORT.CO.UK - say hello here!

PostMon Feb 12 2018 5:27pm
Forum: General · Replies: 4879 · Views: 632283 · Subject: Welcome to RRSPORT.CO.UK - say hello here!
Yes except one was owned by a Russian and the other by an Indian Very Happy but as you say built in the UK. Welcome to the club Thumbs Up
 Body kit

PostSun Feb 11 2018 7:15pm
Forum: General · Replies: 23 · Views: 572 · Subject: Body kit
What’s wrong with it, EVERYTHING ! Pimp wagon. These cars are an off reader with that crap on it you’d be lucky to drive over pothole without ripping it off.
If you want to tart up a vehicle like ...
 Body kit

PostSun Feb 11 2018 9:36am
Forum: General · Replies: 23 · Views: 572 · Subject: Body kit
Thumbs Up
 Heater Pack Issues

PostMon Feb 05 2018 10:18am
Forum: Technical · Replies: 8 · Views: 352 · Subject: Heater Pack Issues
The glow plugs on these cars are notorious for snapping off in the heads as they are very thing and weak so it can be a VERY expensive job.
I would suggest you contact bell autos near York and get on ...
 Cheap streaming

PostSun Feb 04 2018 2:04pm
Forum: In Car Electronics · Replies: 1 · Views: 281 · Subject: Cheap streaming
Just found a cheap way to stream your music via Bluetooth. A Bluetooth music receiver plugs into the jack in the car then just connect via Bluetooth on your phone and away you go. Cost Under £10 from ...
 diagnostic help needed

PostSat Feb 03 2018 11:18pm
Forum: Technical · Replies: 6 · Views: 341 · Subject: diagnostic help needed
The driving over a corrugated road is a regular description of a failing torque converter in fact I felt it myself on my own sport last year.
The power loss is a separate fault which could have any n ...
 Secondary Turbo Whistle 2010 3.0tdv6 - HELP

PostWed Jan 31 2018 1:23pm
Forum: Faults & Fixes · Replies: 4 · Views: 251 · Subject: Secondary Turbo Whistle 2010 3.0tdv6 - HELP
I would suggest you take it to a main dealer and another indi, demonstrate the noise and get there input then you can deside the best corse of action
 MY 2018 technical problems

PostSun Jan 28 2018 1:16pm
Forum: Technical · Replies: 25 · Views: 1236 · Subject: MY 2018 technical problems
It’s nothing new in the 90’s it was 200 TDis 2nd gears and mainshafts, on the 300’s it was cambelt alinement, mainshafts same problem as the 200s input gears they finally sorted that out just b ...
 TDV8 Suspension arms

PostFri Jan 12 2018 10:17am
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 10 · Views: 713 · Subject: TDV8 Suspension arms
Sure iv read on the D3 site about sus monts cracking and breaking away from the chassis after fitting prolly bushes as to harsh and all the shock going into the chassis. Personally I would fit and ind ...
 Pre purchase brain picking please.

PostMon Jan 08 2018 10:18am
Forum: General · Replies: 60 · Views: 2293 · Subject: Pre purchase brain picking please.
You should let all turbo cars idle after a run but it's abit more critical on the TDV8's drives the wife nuts sitting there after every run but abit of ear ach is better than 2 Censored turbos :thumb ...
 First Car

PostSun Jan 07 2018 7:11pm
Forum: Off Topic - Other Cars · Replies: 28 · Views: 942 · Subject: First Car
A Vauxhall Viva HB payed £50 was a none runner due to an engine fire, could of offered £20 which I’m sure they would of accepted but was only a fresh faced 16 year old. Cost me £10 for parts from ...
 How reliable is your RRS?

PostSun Jan 07 2018 4:35pm
Forum: General · Replies: 15 · Views: 890 · Subject: How reliable is your RRS?
Had mine 4/5 years now, never let us down. Things done, new starter motor, torque converter and rear response bar other things have been service parts so don’t count. Do get to drive/work on other m ...
 Finally got a comfortable Land Rover

PostThu Jan 04 2018 1:12pm
Forum: My Range Rover Sport · Replies: 13 · Views: 803 · Subject: Finally got a comfortable Land Rover
Lookes good and with the best (in my view) Diesel engine to boot Thumbs Up
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