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 DofE has put his RangeRover on its side

PostFri Jan 18 2019 8:16pm
Forum: General · Replies: 29 · Views: 1305 · Subject: DofE has put his RangeRover on its side
Here in Portugal everyone has to renew their drivers licence every 5 years from the age of 50. Each application must be accompanied by a medical report (certificate). From the age of 70 the requiremen ...
 [SOLD] Foxwell NT510Pro

PostMon Jan 14 2019 9:39am
Forum: For Sale & Wanted · Replies: 2 · Views: 315 · Subject: [SOLD] Foxwell NT510Pro
This is exactly the same as I have - well recommended. Simple to use and has saved me ££££s, or as the case is for me now... €€€€s.
 Best Oil?

PostSun Jan 13 2019 3:32pm
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 5 · Views: 408 · Subject: Best Oil?

Have a look on the oil cap. If it's the original it usually specifies recommended oil. I'm sure you'll get other responses to answer your question in full.
 Hiccup... cured with IID.??

PostSun Jan 06 2019 8:25pm
Forum: Tips & Tricks · Replies: 3 · Views: 636 · Subject: Hiccup... cured with IID.??
Thanks Cu11eyx, unlikely though. The temperature here was not that low and the battery is good. No other issues since the reset.
 Greetings from sunny north Portugal.

PostSun Dec 30 2018 11:03am
Forum: My Range Rover Sport · Replies: 0 · Views: 262 · Subject: Greetings from sunny north Portugal.
MY05 after today's wash & brush up. Not looking bad for nearly 13.5 years old?


http://www.rrsport.co.uk/gallery/albums/userpics/ ...
 Sunroof leak?

PostTue Dec 18 2018 2:58pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 2 · Views: 320 · Subject: Sunroof leak?
The little drain holes around the edge of the sunroof might be blocked. Slide open the sunroof, you'll see the water runs along and down. Sometimes the holes get blocked with dirt & debris. Give ...
 Hiccup... cured with IID.??

PostFri Dec 14 2018 11:09am
Forum: Tips & Tricks · Replies: 3 · Views: 636 · Subject: Hiccup... cured with IID.??
I went to start up my 2005 TDV6 last night and it took 2 attempts! Very unlike her. Then the red airbag warning light came on and stayed on for the short return journey I had to make.

I started ...
 Transmission fault

PostTue Dec 11 2018 6:52pm
Forum: General · Replies: 1 · Views: 242 · Subject: Transmission fault
I also have a 2005 TDV6. I should also point out that I am no expert nor have I the LR experience of the majority of members here. I had the same fault come up a while ago. I knew I was losing oil an ...
 Self Diagnostics, what do you use ?

PostSun Dec 09 2018 7:08pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 27 · Views: 1956 · Subject: Self Diagnostics, what do you use ?
I have a Foxwell NT510. Highly recommended.
 Strange newbie question

PostThu Dec 06 2018 9:16pm
Forum: General · Replies: 8 · Views: 492 · Subject: Strange newbie question
Yes, a nice lot of space, however, I think the measurements provided with "seats folded" is with the front seats as far forward as possible. I'm 6'3" and when I need to fold down the ba ...
 Happy Christmas

PostTue Dec 04 2018 7:45pm
Forum: Off Topic · Replies: 2 · Views: 466 · Subject: Happy Christmas
Amazed this has not attracted comments about "flashing" or baubles. Whistle
 RRS SDV6 Autobiography from Switzerland

PostMon Nov 26 2018 9:49am
Forum: Orders (L494) · Replies: 7 · Views: 852 · Subject: RRS SDV6 Autobiography from Switzerland
Looks nice.

PostWed Oct 31 2018 8:27am
Forum: For Sale & Wanted · Replies: 11 · Views: 1260 · Subject: [For Sale] FOR SALE RANGE ROVER SPORT SDV6 2012 SE
Hi @1JBS

I would have probably have described those windows as "double-glazed" myself having seen them but I am no expert and compared to most on here I am very much a novice. I am grate ...
 Size query

PostSun Oct 28 2018 10:27am
Forum: Wheels & Tyres · Replies: 3 · Views: 626 · Subject: Size query

Andy - please see PM.

 Am I insane????

PostTue Oct 23 2018 6:03am
Forum: General · Replies: 5 · Views: 588 · Subject: Am I insane????
If your car performs as well as the 2005 2.7TDV6 HSE that I bought a year and a half ago you'll be a happy man. I've said it before here and I'll say it again... best car I ever bought.
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