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Tim in Scotland

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2013 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Stornoway Grey
LED headlights

Now the roads are getting salted and dirty with winter grime has anybody else noticed how long it takes various Audi’s, Skoda, SEATs and Porsche’s that have Matrix LED headlights with auto dipping systems take to dip?

I also saw my first 2018MY RRS with LED headlights (it wasn’t a Velar as I was stopped opposite it in a traffic for about 5 minutes so got a good view)last evening - it seems that the new LED headlights don’t have the small circle of DRL’s section of the DRL’s they have 4 small LED’s instead - looks awful and cheap but also differentiates the RRS and FFRR FFRR has the same 4 small LEDs and no small oval DRL) from the Veelar. 2018 Melting Silver Mini Countryman PHEV on order for April delivery, bye bye Land Rover after 21 years and 11 LR products..... all because you won’t give me reassurance that should my SDv6 crankshaft break because of a design fault, not MY fault, but the engine builders fault - it will be replaced for free.
2015MY Corris Grey SDv6 HSE Dynamic, but not for much longer........
Also in my garage is a 1996 TDi300 Defender 90 County HT made into a fake CSW

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United Kingdom 2013 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Firenze Red

Snap I saw one too, I'm not sure what to think whether I like it or not? My64 Supercharged Autobiography

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