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This all brings back some unpleasant memories from 2010. I bought a Jaguar XF 3.0d S, so very similar motor to our RRSs. All good for 30k miles and then the dpf issues began. I started getting the warning light which would not clear and then engine would go into restricted mode. In conjunction with this the oil level rose above the full level so indicating oil dilution. The car was recovered 6 times, the last time from Geneva whilst returning from holiday. This was usually after 2/3k miles. I was initially told the problem was due to driving style even though I was making three 160 miles round trips a week on mostly dual carriageway/ motorway. Jaguar engineers took the vehicle away but couldn't replicate as they didn't drive enough miles to replicate the issue although one of them did sympathise with me but didn't know what to do. All that was being done to the car was a forced regeneration which kept it going for a little longer. After the Geneva recovery I told them I did n't want to see the car again. I had made contact with the MD, Ralph Speth (?). The result was that the dealer took the car back and I received retail price for it plus a large discount off another car. The reason for getting the retail price was that the car was now 18 months old and had high mileage. I used the discount to get an Evoque which was a pretty new model and was not being discounted. That resulted in a couple of years trouble free and low depreciation motoring.
After my experiences all this time ago it seems pretty terrible that some cars seem to be having the same

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